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Youth posts obscene photographs of his fiancé on social media, lands up in lock-up


PATNA: A man’s bid to post obscene photographs of his fiancé on the social media has landed him in deep trouble– not only did his marriage get broken but he was also arrested for his childish act.

The wedding of Sonu Kumar, a resident of Patna who works in a courier company, had been fixed with a girl from Masaurhi block in the same district of Bihar. In May this year, their ring ceremony too had taken place and the wedding was scheduled to be solemnized the next month.

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Reports said after the ring ceremony, the youth started talking with his fiancé over phone and recently called her for meeting at a place.

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When she came to meet him after his requests, the youth accompanied with some friends took her to a nearby hotel and offered her cold drink mixed with sedatives, as per the media report.

When she lost consciousness after sipping the cold drink, the youth took some obscene photographs of the girl and later posted on the social media which soon went viral.

Soon after coming to know about the incident, girl’s family censured the youth for his act after which he deleted these photographs.

However, his act angered the family members so much so that they very soon announced breaking the marriage with him and also registered a case with the local police. The police have arrested the accused.

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