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Ye kahan…aa gaye ham! How Nitish Kumar feels like this in company of new friend Modi

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar returned to the BJP in July 2017


PATNA: “Ye kahan…aa gaye ham”… This famous song from popular 1981 Bollywood movie “Silsila” is being hummed to depict the condition of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar in the NDA.

The debate over it began after a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral in the social media.

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The video shows the Prime Minister furiously chanting Vande Matram pumping fists in the air at his election rally in Bihar and all the leaders grabbing seats on the dais, including LJP president Ram Vilas Paswan, repeating the same. The more furiously the PM chants, the more his men react and that goes on for couple of minutes.

However, there was an “odd man out” sitting on the dais who ignores this chant and keeps sitting silently and not joining the PM in his shouting mission. He hesitatingly stands up as other leaders stood from their seats to make the shouting look more powerful and frenzied.

The man was Nitish Kumar who was the last man to stand up. Although he doesn’t speak anything, his face explains his ample frustration in the company of the new ally.

Now, the very move by the chief minister has invited amusing comments from the Twitteratis with some even guessing that the former could jump the NDA boat soon.

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“This is what happens when water is mixed with oil. @NitishKumar has chosen a wrong asylum. He is soon becoming just a shadow of old Nitish,” commented @niyazkollam.

Another one says it looks like the chief minister will walk out of the NDA after the Lok Sabha polls.

Yet another twitterati says Nitish Kumar has come to understand the ‘reality’ of so-called Modi tsunami and is repenting for joining the BJP camp.

“Mark my words , he’ll be the first one to ditch BJP/Modi once again , after a new govt comes,” says another twitterati.

“He brought this on himself,” comments yet another twitterati.

The chief minister, indeed, has made a laughing stock of himself since he returned to the NDA after winning election in alliance with the RJD and the Congress, say the intellectuals.

According to experts, the chief minister had perhaps thought with Lalu Prasad in jail and his family members made accused in several corruption cases, the RJD will disintegrate soon and he will the lone monarch of the vast political field in Bihar.

“But now it’s his U-turn that seems to have boomeranged. At presently, there is hardly one in the opposition camp to even express sympathy with Nitish Kumar as he finds himself just a promoter of Modi schemes and nothing else,” commented a political expert wishing not to be quoted.

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