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Woman wraps deadly snake around her neck presuming it as ‘messenger’ of Shiva, dies


RANCHI/PATNA—A woman fell victim to a deadly snake in Jharkhand after she caught it with her hands and wrapped around her neck, presuming it as the messenger of a prominent Hindu deity.

The woman identified as Runiya Devi, wife of Laldeo Bhuiyan from Chatra district, was preparing to leave her home to join a religious event named “Shiv Charcha” (discussion over Shiva) in the locality on Tuesday when a deadly snake appeared before her, media reports said.

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Without wasting a moment, she picked up the snake, wrapped around her neck and started offering prayers thinking it as the messenger of Lord Shiva while the local villagers started singing religious songs at the beat of drums and other traditional instruments.

It was during this time that the snake bit multiple times on her face even as the villagers remained engrossed in chanting religious songs to please the deity.

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The villagers came to know about her deteriorating condition after the woman fell unconscious under the impact of the poison and lay lifeless on the ground.

Witnesses said instead of rushing her to the local health centres, however, they called a local sorcerer to calm down impact of the poison in traditional manner but she died soon thereafter.

Similar kind of weird incident had taken place in Bihar last week when a man chewed a poisonous snake in a fit of rage after it bit him. He died later.

An estimated 1.2 million people died from snake bites in India in the past two decades representing an average of 58,000 deaths every year with nearly half of the victims aged 30-69 years and over a quarter being children under 15, a new study has found.

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