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Wives of different faiths quarrel for cremation after Indian police officer dies


PATNA: In a bizarre incident, two wives of a retired police officer quarreled bitterly over how their husband should be cremated shortly after he died in Bihar.

The incident took place in Muzaffarpur town, some 80 km north of Patna, on Wednesday night.

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The dead police officer Krishna Deo Prasad had married two women—One a Hindu and the other a Christian. While his Hindu wife wanted to conduct his last rites as per Hindu customs, Christian wife wanted it to be completed under the Christian practices, witnesses said.

After much deliberation, the wailing family members of the police officer found out the solution—the body of deceased was first kept in coffin as per Christian norms and then laid on a bier to be taken to the cremation site for the last rites!

Thus, although the grief persisted over his death, his wives were happy that their wishes had been fully taken care of by the family.

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