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Why India should be proud of this photograph!


This is the photograph India must be proud of.

While the Corona panic has compelled people to dump even bosom friends in the time of crisis and treat them as “untouchables”, a Muslim youth has showed the highest level of humanity and true friendship.

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A picture of Mohammad Yaqoob weeping and cradling his friend Amrit’s lifeless body in his lap has redefined friendship and cocked a snook at those who try to create rift in the society in the name of religion.

As per the report, Yaqoob and Amrit had left for their homes located in Basti district of Uttar Pradesh after the garment factory in Gujarat’s Surat town where they worked together shut down after lockdown.

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Both had secured seats on a truck after paying Rs4,000 each to reach their hometown but in the middle of the journey through Madhya Pradesh, Amrit’s condition deteriorated after which others riding the truck insisted that he should be dumped.

But his friend Yaqoob didn’t leave him alone and he too came down the truck to help his friend.

Subsequently, he carried his friend to the nearby government hospital in Shivpuri district in MP on Friday but he died soon after. Amrit was suffering from high fever—one of the symptoms of Corona.

Yet, Yaqood didn’t ignore his friend and remained with him till the end. The photograph of Yaqoob wailing inconsolably with his friend’s body in his lap has now gone viral in the social media.

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