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What do rickshaw puller, peon, carpenter, housewife and a clerk have in common?


PATNA: What’s common among a rickshaw puller, peon, carpenter, housewife and a clerk in Bihar now?

They all became crorepati (owning Rs 10 million and more) overnight post demonetization drive which was launched last month. But instead of bringing happiness in their life, this has brought troubles as they remain under scanner of the Income Tax or Enforcement Directorate authorities given their humble background but huge transaction in their bank accounts.

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The first to become crorepati by default was a rickshaw puller Suresh Kumar who hails from Gaya district. He was startled when the IT authorities landed at his house and questioned about deposit of Rs 3 crore (Rs 30 million) in his Jan Dhan bank account with a local branch of Bank of India.

Same was the case with Ruby Kumari, a housewife, from the same place. She too was at her wit’s end when questioned about the sources of Rs 5 crore (Rs 59 million) which she had deposited in her Jan Dhan bank account at the same bank.

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Both feigned ignorance about such huge transaction in their bank accounts. A deeper investigation into the matter later found a local cotton trader Motilal Patwa, owner of the Moti Textiles and Cotton Mill at Patwa Toli in Gaya town, had been allegedly handling some 40 fake bank accounts and had deposited those money in the bank accounts of the rickshaw puller and house wife in a bid to make the black money white. Both were reportedly employed with his cotton mill. The matter is now being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate.

Another such case has been reported from Muzaffarpur district where a peon Kunal Kumar became a crorepati overnight last week. Kunal who worked as a peon of businessmen brother running two companies, got perplexed when the IT sleuths raided his home to know about huge transaction of Rs 13 crores (Rs 130 million) in his four bank accounts with two private banks, Kotak Mahindra and ICICI.

All these transaction had been made post demonetization. A further investigation into the mater later found that the businessmen brothers Rajkumar Goenka and Ashok Goenka had transacted the said amount in their peon’s bank accounts. The peon in the meanwhile has registered a case of forgery against his employers. He was employed there for the past four years.

Likewise, Rs 323 crore (Rs 3.23 billion) was deposited in the bank account of a carpenter Sudhir Sah from Beguarsai district. He too has served notice by the IT Department. In a similar case, a man who is employed as a clerk with Reliance company has his bank account frozen after more than one croe was deposited in his account. He is surprised as to how that happened since his monthly salary is barely Rs 15,000.

This is not the end of the story. As per a report of the IT department, there are as many as 681 people who became “lakhpati” shortly after the currency ban. According to IT officials roughly around Rs 100,000 to Rs 300,000 were deposited in all their Jan Dhan bank accounts, the lone exception being Sitara Devi who got Rs 40 lakh (Rs four million) deposited in her bank account. The woman who hails from Ara town runs dairy business while her husband Ajay Yadav is contractor who supplies foodgrains in local jail.

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