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Wedding at night, divorce in the morning


PATNA—A just-solemnised marriage came to an abrupt end after the bride refused to go with the paralysed groom.

The bizarre incident took place at a village in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh on Monday.

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The wedding of Nazia Khatoon, a resident of Kasimabad police station areas in Ghazipur, had been solemnised with Faroog Ahmad from Buxur district of Bihar.

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Everyone was happy till the groom sat at the dais. Trouble began after the guests noticed the groom not properly responding his right hand.

It was soon discovered that the groom had paralytic attacks in the past and he concealed this fact from the bride family.

Instantly, the bride refused to go with him leading a marathon meeting between the two sides after which the broom was asked to hand out talaq (divorce).

Eventually, the groom handed out divorce to the just-wed bride as he returned home empty-handed.

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