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Want Congress party to become dialogue of Indian people: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi:  Honing afresh his attack on Narendra Modi after taking over as Congress President, Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said the Prime Minister is  taking the country back to the medieval age.

In sharp words directed towards the PM from the Congress Headquarters, Rahul said: “The Prime Minister is taking the country backward. India is going to the medieval age where people are beaten for their belief and killed for what they eat.”

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Indirectly, the Congress President referred to the BJP as a “regressive force” which “wins because they are powerful”.

But he feels the “force” can only defeat the Congress if they “back down”.

Rahul, who replaced his mother Sonia as the Congress President, clearly stated the future road map of the country’s oldest political party.

He said: “We will defend voice of every Indian. We will never allow any democratic voice to be silenced in the country.”

“I want Congress party to become the dialogue of Indian people” Rahul added.

Sonia, the longest serving Congress President, assumed the post in 1998.

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Rahul was elected President of the party as unopposed.

The new Congress President took charge in the presence of Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, sister Priyanka Gandhi, brother in-law Robert Vadra along with several other party leaders and workers.

Comparing the present Indian politics to when he joined 13 years ago, Rahul stated: “Today’s politics is not used as a service to people or to lift them but to crush.”

Rahul, a Congress MP, became the party Vice President in 2013.

Though Rahul has lost a number of state elections being the VP of the party, he is looking forward to the results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections.

The Congress President-elect campaigned hard for the Congress party to end the 22 years of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rule in Gujarat.

The Gujarat election as well as the 2019 General Election are considered to be the acid tests for Rahul as the Congress President since he was repeatedly criticised for his incompetency as a leader in the past.


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