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Video: In a first Bihar mosque opens door for Hindus to promote communal harmony


PATNA: A century-old mosque in India’s Bihar state has opened its door for the Hindus and other non-Muslims to dispel any doubts about Islamic acts and promote communal harmony.

The rare initiative has been launched by Badi Masjid Bhainsasur (बड़ी मस्जिद भैसासुर) located at Biharsharif in Nalanda district which is known as the seat of multiple religions and faiths.

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Curious Hindus and other guests made a beeline to enter the mosque and watch from a close various Islamic activities. They were given red-carpet welcome by the Muslims who worked hard to end their curiosity about Islam.

This was for the first time in Bihar that any mosque had been opened for non-Muslims. For full six hours, the visitors walked from one corner to another corner of the mosque and saw various activities going on there while seating on chairs.

“There has been a lot of confusion about Islam and mosque. People have been found staring at the mosque and heard asking what we do inside the mosque. So we decided to open its door for non-Muslims to satisfy their curiosity,” Badi Masjid Committee president Istiyaq Ahmad told the Bihar Post by phone.

A very interesting feature of the programme was that a special prayer session was organised for the non-Muslim visitors who watched all this while firmly seated on the chair.

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The guests were also told the meaning of the various Urdu words used in Islamic prayers such as Allah-Hu-Akbar (अल्ला हु अकबर) and La-Illaha-Illallah (ला इलाहा इल्लल्ला). They were also told the meaning of Azan and why they conduct azan.

“The move will bring us closer and promote communal harmony,” another mosque official Kamran Nomani said.

A mosque committee member Tabrez Azim said a mosque is an abode of the Allah or God and it is for everyone.

“Why should we shut its doors for others?” Azim asked.

More than 100 Hindus visited the mosque when it was opened for non-Muslims on Sunday for the first time.

“We are very happy to visit there and know various things about other faith,” one of the visitors Rajnikant said.

The visitors demanded that the Hindus too should do similar things and open the door of the temples for Muslims which will cement communal brotherhood.

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