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Indian Vice President for socio-economic information about population


PATNA: India’s Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari today advocated for making public the social- socio-economic information about their population.

“Developing nations like India need socio-economic information about their population to design redistributive policies,” said Ansari inaugurating an international seminar on “Social Statistics” organized by the Asian Development Research Institute here today.

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He also said how concerns have expressed about the efficiency and efficacy of such public data collection and the gaps which exist in the Indian social statistical

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He observed today social statistics are the foundation of the structural-functionalist tradition in sociology and social studies.

“And yet, all is not well in the Indian social statistics sector. Concerns have been raised about the quality of data being generated as also about the duplication of efforts to collect statistics across various government departments, inaccessibility of national data archives and the infringement of privacy by government’s data collection machinery,” he said.

He said some the criticisms of Indian public statistics seems valid especially when it comes to measurement of crosscutting social issues such as gender disparity, inequality, poverty and growth seems valid.

“Our public statistics have also attracted opprobrium on issues related to measurement of parameters related to the service sector, the unorganized sector and unemployment figures. This is not only undermining the credibility of Indian statistics globally but also hurting the analysis of some of the most important elements of Indian economy”, he said.

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