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Upper caste quota move will backfire on BJP as majority feeling cheated, Tejashwi says

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PATNA: Bihar opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav has said the NDA government’s move to grant 10 percent reservation to poor among upper castes could backfire as the majority voters are feeling cheated the way it was implemented in a hurry.

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Earlier this month, the government brought the 124th Constitution Amendment Bill to provide for 10 percent reservation in jobs and educational institutions to economically backward section in the general category, which was later passed from both Houses of the parliament.

However, RJD lawmaker Tejashwi is not amused the way the bill was brought in the House on the penultimate day of the Parliaments and then passed. The RJD was one of the few parties which opposed this bill.

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“The Bahujan class is feeling duped… While it was stated that there is a cap of 50 per cent on reservations but suddenly the government opens a pandora’s box and exceeds reservations beyond 50 per cent, that too without any demand, agitation or movement by beneficiary classes,” Tejashwi was quoted as telling news agency PTI on Wednesday.

According to him, the government must have supporting data and figures before going ahead with the plan but it implemented it in a hurry quite the way it did in the case of demonetisation.

“The BJP will bear the consequences of it,” Tejashwi who served as the deputy chief minister in the previous Grand Alliance government warned.

He said the reservation is not “poverty alleviation” tool  programme” but is for “ensuring representation to those who have been suffering for ages due to all kinds of inhuman atrocities and restrictions in the name of caste”.

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