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Unique love story: Indian villager gifts well to his young wife!


A man from central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh dug out a well outside his house, moved at his wife’s plight to fetch water from a long distance.

40-year-old Sushila Bai, a resident of Guna district in Bhopal, would always travel a long distance to fetch water home from a hand pump. That was her daily routine.

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But, there was another problem. The old hand pump was not in a very good condition and hence on many occasions she would have to return home with empty vessels in her arms.

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Moved by her wife’s plight, Bharat Singh Mer picked up spade in his hand one day and began digging out well alone.

After 15 days of hard works, the man eventually dug out a 31-feet deep and 4.5-feet wide well outside his home, bringing cheers on his wife’s face.

The lovely tale of the man’s unique gift to his young wife has now become a talk of the town.

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