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A unique campaign brings smiles to faces of poor villagers, children


Jammu: Hasana, a healthy affordable solution for the common people, organised a dental awareness camp in rural areas to spread awareness regarding the dental health among villagers and students.

During the camp, a team of doctors led by Dr Sumit Dubey explained the issue of oral health and how to maintain hygiene.

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These health care camps have been set up in the states like Jammu & Kashmir, Uttrakhand and Delhi and now it will follow in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana.

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The camp was first started from the Uttarakhand villages, where the organization provided a complete health assessments and free dental health check-up to the villagers as well as students.

They were also taught regarding dental hygiene’s and mouth diseases like ulcers, infections, inflammation of gums, thrush, bad breath, and tooth decay.

“Hasana is not only a campaign but a unique initiative that leaves a special message for the welfare of the society as well as for mankind,” said Dr Dubey.

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