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Traffic jam after villagers scramble to loot scattered liquor bottles on road


PATNA: Villagers in Bihar scrambled to loot liquor bottles when they tumbled out of a car after it met with an accident. Bihar has imposed total ban on consumption and sale of liquor.

The strange incident took place in Araia district of Bihar on Tuesday, according to a late-reaching report.

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Reports quoting local villagers said a car bearing West Bengal registration number was going towards Forbesganj town in Araria district when it suddenly met with an accident in a bid to save a goat loitering on the street.

Soon after the incident, liquor bottles being illegally transported started tumbling out of the car one by one.

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Seeing the bottles, local residents rushed towards the car and began looting them.

Witnesses said there was a virtual scramble among villagers to lay their hands on the liquor bottles, leading to traffic jam for some time. A video of the incident has now gone viral in the social media.

Later the police reached the spot and recovered 132 bottles from the car, media reports said today. The police are searching for the car owner.

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