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Tibetans highlight China’s brutalities, seek world’s support for freedom of homeland


By Shalini Sinha

BODH GAYA: Tibetans fighting for the freedom of their homeland are now trying hard to garner support of the crowd of the tourists, Buddhist devotees and international community reaching Bodh Gaya to attend Kalchakra puja or with other purposes.

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Under part of this objective, ‘Students For a Free Tibet’ and ‘Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet’ have organized photo exhibition, highlighting alleged brutality inflicted on the Free Tibet movement volunteers fighting for the freedom of their country by the Chinese government.

“Kalachakra puja is the best platform to expose the brutalities of the Chinese government towards Tibetans fighting for freedom. Not only Tibetans but other foreign nationals as well arrive in large numbers to attend Kalachakra. So, we are trying to get their support,” national director of Students For Free Tibet Tenzin Tselha told the media on Saturday.

She said scores of people involved in the Free Tibet Movement had lost their lives owing to repressive
measures adopted by China since the struggle began in 1959.

A Tibetan showing his child the brutality on his countrymen
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“Although we have more liberty now as compared to old days to raise the voice, still a lot needs to be done, so that the movement gains more momentum and pressure builds up on Chinese government,” she explained adding now they had been raising their voice for Free Tibet in many countries, including in China itself.

“We held protests even in China during the 2008 Olympics. But post 2008, excessive repressive measures have been launched against the Tibetans by the Chinese government. Now, we are trying to tell the Chinese government to give our basic rights and free Tibet”, Tselha asserted.

The president of Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet, Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar said the condition of those living within Tibet is pitiable.

“They have to face brutality even for peaceful demonstrations. Even common Tibetans are subjected to torture. Outside Tibet we are in far better position,” he added.

“What we can do by organizing photo exhibition showing repressive measures is to garner moral support at international platform for the volunteers of Free Tibet Movement living within Tibet,” he said.

The organisers said the world should look into the brutality of the Tibetan community people and launch efforts for the freedom of Tibet.

Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet is one of the many outfits fighting for the caution of freedom of Tibet.

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