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Three reasons why rising cases of Covid-19 are not a matter of concern for Bihar


PATNA—Covid-19 has now spread to all the 38 districts of Bihar. This increasing number of cases is being blamed on the returning migrants to the state.

Jamui was free from Covid-19 so far but on Tuesday the first case was reported from this district too.

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Health department officials said the increase in the cases is mainly because of two reasons—firstly due to increase in number of migrant labourers returning homes from trains and secondly due to increase in number of samples collected for tests.

But health officials say there is just nothing to worry since the virus has not been transmitted to the community and its proof is that they have identified the source of origin.

“Community transmission is when there is no clear source of origin of the infection in a new community. It happens when you can no longer identify who became infected after being exposed to someone who interacted with people from the originally infected community,” Bihar health secretary Sanjay Kumar has tweeted.

Another good thing concerning Bihar is that the recovery rate of corona patients here is magnificent 43.57 percent.

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A latest report of the health department issued on Wednesday said altogether 386 patients out of total 909 have got recovered and returned homes to stay with their families.

According to the report, a total of 10 patients got recovered on May 04, followed by 24 on May 05, 45 on May 06, 43 on May 07, 28 on May 08, 58 on May 09 and 28 on May 10.

Yet the alarming hike in Covid-19 cases remains a matter of concern as in the past 12 days itself, they have got more than doubled.

As per the report, as many as 219 migrants who reached here between 5 May and 11 May have been found to be infected with Covid-19.

The state is especially facing dangers from the migrants returning from mainly three places—Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

A maximum of 55 migrants found positive has returned from Delhi, followed by 46 from Gujarat and 44 from Maharashtra. West Bengal and UP contributed to 16 and 11 cases respectively.

Till May 01, the total number of Covid-19 cases was recorded at 466 but in the past 12 days it has been doubled—the total number was recorded at 932 on May 13.

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