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Those responsible for all big scams also standing in queue to change notes: PM Modi


Panaji: Amid rising criticisms by the oppositions over banning of high value currency notes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today made an impassioned appeal to the masses to support him for the next 50 days saying he was voted to power to fight against the menace of black money.

“I took a bold step on Nov 8 to continue my fight against corruption and black money. I knew people will face pain and inconvenience. Even I can feel the same,” Modi said after launching new projects in Goa.

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The PM said he was voted to power with a mandate to clean India and drive out corruption so it is his duty now to discharge the functions assigned to him by the countrymen.

“Didn’t you vote for me to fight against the black money? When people voted me to power for that purpose, should I not do that? Even you knew when this work will be done, you will face some inconvenience. I did not hide anything from my countrymen. I have always been vocal about my tactics against the black money,” said he.

Modi reiterated that his government is dedicated towards the upliftment of poor.

Getting further emotional the PM said that he left his family to serve the country.

“I have left my home, family…everything for my country,” said he.

Modi said whenever he launched any scheme for the development of the country, he has met with criticisms.

“When our government launched a scheme that you have to provide your pan number when you buy jewellery above Rs 200,000, the move was criticised. Even MPs were against the move. But I did not deter,” said he

He said, “This process of demonetisation started much before. That’s why I launched Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna. But that was also met with criticisms. Today people will understand the value of bank accounts for all.”

He made it clear that even if he gets life threats nothing can stop him in his mission.

“I don’t get scared even if my opponents set me ablaze,” said he.

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“I started to recover the country’s poor economic health slowly. Now am increasing the doses of medicine,” claimed Modi.

He said the move is being hailed by all citizens despite facing inconvenience.

“I have seen people queuing up in front of the banks for long hours, yet they are not complaining because they know it is for the betterment of the nation at large,” the PM noted.

Modi also lauded the efforts of bank employees who are relentlessly working to meet up the demands.

In his appeal to the nation, he said: “Please support me for these 50 days and I promise you to give you a country you desire for. Let politicians criticise, let corrupts face loss but the honest citizens must be patient.”

“I deeply believe in the strength of my honest citizens,” he added.

Slamming the earlier power holders, Modi said: “Those who were responsible for all big scams like the 2G scam or coal scams are also standing in the queue to change notes to fetch just Rs. 4000.”

This comes after Government has scrapped the Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes with effect from Tuesday midnight to fight black money.

In unprecedented scenes, millions of people since Thursday morning thronged in front of banks across the country to deposit the now-invalid Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

The Government asked the people to deposit their Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in banks within a specific time frame and get smaller denominations in exchange.

It has also announced that deposits above Rs 250,000 will be taxed and could draw a 200 per cent penalty if found disproportionately higher than the account owner’s income.

The banks have been asked to keep the details of PAN card of people depositing such large amounts over the 50-day period till Dec 30.


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