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Arunachal Pradesh, located in far northeastern corner of India and close to border of China, is among the less explored NE states. There are several enticing and serene regions in the hilly state that are ideal for tourists weary of urban life. Located in West Siang district, but here we are taking you to the wonder of traditional art of building the hanging bamboo bridges. We found two long bridges to show you:

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* Patum Bridge

There is no shortage of bridges and tunnels in the hilly states of North East India. However, the Patum Cable Bridge located in Along is a major sightseeing spot for visitors. The 146 meter long Cable Bridge is built on the Yomgo River. It was set up in 1997. From here you can enjoy awesome panoramic view of the city and at night it looks even more enticing owing to the glittering lights.

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* Hanging Bamboo Bridge, Pobdi

The Hanging Bamboo Bridges are a local bridge built on the Siang River at Along, Arunachal Pradesh, India. They are made of cane and bamboo. These bridges were built by the local tribes to create a mode of transport amidst the hills. The 60 to 70 meters long bridge is a major connectivity for the tribes to other hilly areas. The bridge is worth watching and talks about the skills of the locals. Visitors enjoy the exciting walk on the bridge and the amazing valley view that they get while crossing it.

Located in a valley encircled by mountains, it is adjacent to Yomgo River, which is tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra River. It makes for an ideal weekend destination for any tourist exploring Arunachal Pradesh.


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