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The Ever Scintilating Gurgaon



A modern city of present India, Gurgaon, initially referred to as Gurugram, is one of the IT hubs and a place of financial and technical significance to the nation. A large number of Multinational companies along with many Indian start-ups have found place in this city. Its famous skyline, consisting of sky scrapers and modern style architecture, has become the face of the city. Here is a list of all things that you must see, visit and experience in and around Gurgaon.

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Kingdom of Dreams

Standing true to its name, this truly is a kingdom of dreams. The place with live entertainment, leisure, colour and pomp. The place consists of two theatres called Nautanki mahal and Showshaa Theatrealong with a Cultural gully. Watch out for an overdose of entertainment and laughter. The grandeur of this structure speaks volumes about the thought given into its design and modelling. You are guaranteed a whole lot of fun and excitement here.

Sultanpur bird sanctuary/lake

Situated less than 20 kms away from the city of Gurgaon, this sanctuary/ national park, makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Without second thoughts, hire a motorcycle in Gurgaonfrom Wheelstreet.comand get going to this beautiful destination. An ideal destination for all bird watchers and other nature enthusiasts in general. Keep your eyes open as you can spot some of the rarest species of birds in the area.This is the ideal destination for some photography, if you may be interested. Definitely a peaceful place to spend your weekend with your friends and family.

Some innocent street shopping

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Shopping is a sin everybody wants to happily commit. Get out on the streets of Gurgaon and pick up some desi stuff for your wardrobe. Be spoilt for choice with a large number of shops selling from a variety of designs and patterns to choose from. As the famous local saying goes, sasta and tikau. You will be amazed at how much you can shop for a very meagre amount.

Eat trip to Sardar Bazar

How does an eat trip to the most delicious looking street of Gurgaon sound to you? No less than amazing I’m sure. Gurgaon being the IT hub attracts a lot of young crowd who dig tasty food. And catering to the needs of its folk, Gurgaon is a gastronomical mix of all cuisines from across the world. Every place has its own speciality. Here is what you may want to try, rent a bike, get on and go food shop hopping. Relish from the likes of Jalebis(from the 66 year old stall Sardar jalebiwala), paranthas with a plethora of stuffing, golgappas, chicken kebabs and thousand other dishes.

Sheesh Mahal

An age-old monument, built in the 18th century by Nawab Faujdar Khan, showcases some excellent artwork and designs from the Mughal era. It is now a structure of national importance and tourist interest. All the visitors who visit the city make it a must to visit this architectural marvel. Ironically the jail chamber of the palace used to torture the criminals, sees a lot of visitors today. Look around and take in the charm of the palace as a whole.

(The author is a freelance journalist)

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