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Video: Terrified Bihar man wears helmet on horse to escape possibility of getting fined!


PATNA: Hefty penalty being charged from the people for violating the news traffic rules have terrorized the common men.

So much so that even the person riding a horse now can be seen wearing a helmet on his head more out of fear of being charged heavy fine from the cops than escaping injuries.

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One such scene was witnessed in Saharsa district of Bihar where a youth was caught on camera wearing helmet while taking a horse ride in the town on Monday.

“Police are charging heavy penalty these days for violating the traffic rules. So I wore a helmet on my head to avoid any such possibility of getting fined,” a youth identified as Golu Yadav told the media on Monday.

In the past few days, the police have imposed heavy penalty on the people driving bikes and cars for violating the new traffic rules which came into effect from September 1.

On Saturday, a teenager had to cough up a fine of Rs 42,000 under the new Motor Vehicle Act, media reports have said. The fine charged from the boy was almost equal to price of the scooty which had been bought for Rs 56,127!

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The 15-year-old boy was going to attend coaching along with two of his friends in Bhagalpur town when the police caught him for not wearing helmet.

During the checking the boy was found to be minor, not having driving license, not in possession of required vehicle papers and then carrying triple load.

After going into all these traffic rules violations, the boy was told to pay a penalty of Rs 42,000!

Barely a day back, three teenagers from Saharsa district of Bihar were fined Rs 81,500.

The first teenager was fined for Rs 26,500, the second one had to cough up Rs27,500 while the third one too had to pay Rs27,500. They all had been caught driving the bikes.

The local residents have strongly opposed the move and said the government should have launched extensive awareness drive about traffic rules first before imposing hefty fine on violators.

“Increasing fine for violating traffic rules has become a profitable business for the government. Instead of imposing hefty fine, the government should have focused on awareness drive. The move won’t succeed,” former Indian Medical Association (IMA) president Dr Sachchidanand Kumar told the media today.

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