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Status of Corona virus in the World and action taken so far by India’s Bihar state


PATNA—Health Department in Bihar have asked the visitors arriving from Corona-affected countries to restrict their movement at home and advised them not to go in public gatherings voluntarily, irrespective of their status of being symptomatic or asymptomatic.

WHO has declared the ongoing Novel Corona Virus (Covid-9) epidemic as Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

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A report issued by the state health department on Saturday said the Bihar government has strengthened surveillance and control measures against the disease. So far no case of Coronavirus has been reported from Bihar.

The report said so far 108 passengers who have returned from corona affected countries after January 15, 2020 have been identified by State Surveillance system and kept under home quarantine. State Health Control Room/Helpline number is functioning 24×7 and queries of people are being addressed.

As per the report, right now, a total of six Buddhist spots where the foreign tourists come are under surveillance.

The reports said the districts bordering Nepal are under special focus for enhancing surveillance at Transit points on account of Confirmed case of n-CoV in Nepal. Buddhist Spots in Araria, Vaishali, Gaya and Nalanda have also been taken under Surveillance for corona virus.


* Advisory on n-CoV has been circulated to all districts on 25 Jan 2020. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) has been provided to all Districts and Medical Colleges

* Health Alert for inter-sectoral coordination has been issued to Gaya and Patna Airport for preparedness against corona virus.

* Creation of Isolation ward at Gaya Airport has been ensured. Line Listing of Passengers from affected countries and display of IEC materials has been ensured at both the Airports in coordination with Airport Authorities

* All District Magistrate have been advised to hold Gram Sabha meetings, orient the PRI Members, Health Workers on corona virus

* Districts bordering Nepal are under special focus for enhancing surveillance at Transit points on account of Confirmed case of n-CoV in Nepal. Buddhist Spots in Araria, Vaishali, Gaya and Nalanda have also been taken under Surveillance for corona virus

* All 38 Districts have been linked to 9 Medical College & Hospitals for Isolation and sample collection. Nodal Officer has been nominated for each district and MCH for corona virus related activities

* Advisory for Hotel/Monasteries has been provided to all Hotel Owners with special reference to Gaya, Vaishali, Nalanda, Araria. Meeting with Hotel Owners has been conducted and they have been asked to report any symptomatic case to the respective Health Authorities

* PPE Kits, Masks, Infrared Thermometers have been made available to the districts and MCH.

* Districts have been asked to ensure orientation of Schools

* IEC materials and talking points for Gram Sabha meetings have been provided to all districts and Medical College & Hospitals

* Training of Teams at Indo-Nepal border has been completed

* Regular monitoring of district level activities and status of passengers under observation is being ensured at the State level

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* State Feedback on additional preparations to be done by Gaya has been sent to Gaya district and Airport

* Daily sharing of reports with MOH&FW, Govt. of India is being ensured

* All district Epidemiologist/MO have been provided orientation on Covid-19 at Hotel Grand Empire, Patna from 3-7 Feb 2020.

* A 24×7 Call Centre No: 104 has been designated to address public queries related to the disease

* Health Advisory for Schools and Colleges issued on COVID 19

* Health Advisory for Travellers issued for COVID 19

No of Districts having border Nepal 7
No of Blocks bordering Nepal 30
No of Gram Panchayats in the State 9496
No of Villages bordering Nepal 6364
No of Transit Points at Indo-Nepal border 49
No of beds demarcated in Isolation Ward 5 in each DH, 10-20 MCH
No of Passengers screened at Transit Points 93190
No of Symptomatic cases at Transit Points 0
No of Buddhist Spots under Surveillance 6
No of symptomatic passengers reported from Buddhist monastery 0
No of symptomatic passengers reported from Hotel Owner 0
No of Gram Sabha meetings held 3036
No of PRI oriented 4775
No of HWs oriented 47088
No of Passengers screened at Gaya/Patna Airport 16035
No of Passengers symptomatic at Gaya/Patna Airport 0
No of samples collected 48
No of Positive cases 0
No of Passengers enrolled for observation 108
No of Passengers completed 14 days observation 26
No of places where IEC materials displayed 549
No. of Schools in the districts 96034
No. of Schools oriented against Corona virus 5733


Globally: 83,652 confirmed (1358 new)


78,961 confirmed (311 new)

2,791 deaths (44 new)

Outside of China

4,691 confirmed (1027 new)

51 countries (5 new)

67 deaths (10 deaths)


Republic of Korea (2337), Japan (210), Singapore (96), Malaysia (24), Australia (23), Vietnam (16), Philippines (3), Cambodia (1), New Zealand (1); Italy (650), France (38), Germany (26), Spain (25), UK (16), Sweden (7), Switzerland (6), Austria (4), Norway (4), Greece (3), Israel (3), Croatia (3), Finalnd (2), Russian federation (2), Belarus (1), Lithuania (1), Netherlands (1), North Macedonia (1), Romania (1), Belgium (1), Denmark (1), Estonia (1), Georgia (1); Thailand (40), India (3), Nepal (1), Sri Lanka (1); Iran (245), Kuwait (43), Bahrain (33), UAE (19), Iraq (7), Oman (6), Lebanon (2), Pakistan (2), Afghanistan (1), Egypt (1); USA (59), Canada (11), Brazil (1);Algeria (1), Nigeria (1), **International conveyance (Diamond Princess) (705). Total 51 counties affected.

**Cases identified on a cruise ship currently in Japanese territorial waters

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