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Snakebite fear prompts man to rush to hospital with snake in hand


PATNA: A man reached a hospital in Bihar right with a snakelet in hand apprehending he was bitten by the young reptile and may die soon.

Sri Ram Yadav, a resident of Karja village in Bhojpur district, was moving around his village when he accidentally put his feet on the reptile.

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Apprehending he may have been bitten, the man hurriedly picked up the snakelet by hand and instantly walked up to the nearest hospital on Tuesday night seeking immediate medical attention.

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He refused to return his chome despite being told by the doctor that there was no need for worry as a snakelet has no teeth and moreover it has not bitten him.

However, the man did not believe the doctor and remained adamant on his medical treatment. Subsequently, the doctor on duty asked him to sit in the emergency ward saying his treatment will start once he notice any impact of venom.

He returned home well six hours after waiting in the emergency room when finding everything was well with him.
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