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Smile more for Deepika, please!


Mumbai: Deepika Padukone has taken up a very important responsibility to make sure that the people around her smile more often.

With preparing and shooting for films, doing brand endorsements etc, Deepika’s average working day is of nine to ten hours.

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The actress is mostly surrounded by her immediate team members.

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So, just to bring more positivity and cheer through the day, she has asked her team members to make a conscious effort of smiling more and making it a habit.

The actress who hails from Bangalore and lives on her own here considers her team like her extended family and has personally taken charge of bringing about this positive change.

Deepika shares, “Smiles are so magical…we don’t even realize what a positive effect they have on us and the people around us. Life can often get stressful, and it’s important to try and smile even through those times.”

– India Blooms News Service (IBNS)

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