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Shocker for BJP: Feuding friends Lalu and Nitish will not split for now


PATNA: This could be a shocker for the BJP which was hoping for a split in the ruling Bihar alliance anytime soon.

After two days of bitter rivalry, the feuding friends, chief minister Nitish Kumar and RJD chief Lalu Prasad have made it clear they are going to split.

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“Despite all troubles I will not go back from my commitment to serve the people of Bihar,” Kumar told a function in Patna on Wednesday, indicating a thaw in the ruling Bihar alliance.

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Later in the day, similar comments came from RJD chief Prasad who said their alliance is strong and will not break.

“Our alliance is strong and can’t be broken even by chisel. Chisels can break but not this alliance,” Prasad asserted.

Trouble brewed in the two-year-old alliance shortly after the chief minister lent his support to the NDA’s presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind against opposition’s Meira Kumar in the presidential polls.

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The RJD chief reacted by terming Kumar’s move as “historical blunder” which added fuels to fire.

Soon it was free-for-all-like situation. The spokespersons from both the party virtually fought a verbal war of words, threatening reach other.

The situation took a nasty turn after the Congress jumped into the ring hit out at the chief minister.

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Very soon Prasad and Kumar called his spokespersons, gave them a severe dressing downs and warned them against speaking anything over alliance.

Thus, came to an end the bitterest-ever feud which at one point of time threatened the existence of the ruling alliance government.

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