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Reward Offered for Positive Identification of Youths Seen Drowning Dog



PATNA—Humane Society International (HSI), India has offered a reward of up to Rs10,000 to seek information leading to the positive identification of the persons who were found drowning a dog in water after getting its feet tied.
The gruesome act of deliberate drowning of a dog has been widely circulating on the social media platform Instagram and Tiktok. The video shows the animal looking terrified and attempting to struggle but failing to free itself from its tight bonds.

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The perpetrators then swing the dog back and forth before tossing it into a body of water. To ensure the dog does not resurface, the perpetrators even throw in some rocks at the same spot where they tossed the animal.
“When the entire world is coming together to support not only each other in this time of crisis but also animals in need, it has been heartbreaking to see acts of animal cruelty surfacing one after the other on social media platforms,” said Alokparna Sengupta, managing director of HSI,India.

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The HSI official said the onus should be on the social media platforms to have checks and balances to report such cruel and illegal activities to the law enforcement agencies so the perpetrators who do this for fame not get the desired result out of it.
Sengupta requested the government to discourage such crimes by putting in place regulations which helps the social media platforms to report such activities.

The HSI has been constantly working to check animal cruelty in the country.

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