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Residents struggle for potable water as flood miseries continue in Patna


Thousands of residents settled in flooded areas of Patna are literally crying for potable water as the motor pumps installed in their homes are flooded in five to six-feet-deep rain waters while the supply of drinking water is too little to cater to their needs. The result is that the city residents are literally struggling for potable water to stay alive.

In many areas, the water bottles are being sold at an exorbitant price, many residents alleged. One resident complained they purchased 15 litres of water for Rs700!

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“Uncle, please give me water. I have not drunk a drop of water for the past 36 hours,” a resident of SK Puri locality trapped in his flooded home, made an emotional appeal to the rescue teams rushing there for help.

“I am thirsty for 36 hours as my tap is emitting dirty water, my motor pump set has burnt out and all the water stock at home has run short,” the man told the rescue team.

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A man in Rajendra Nagar locality cried inconsolably when a TV news channel journalist just inquired about his condition.

“Sir, I have not eaten for two days and am jobless. I don’t know how my family will survive. I earn money by pressing clothes but now that entire locality is flooded, I have been left jobless,” the man said, cried bitterly.

Rajendra Nagar, Kankarbagh, Bahadurpur, bazar Samiti, Lohanipur, SK Puri and Patel Nagar are worst affected by the current flooding caused by incessant rains for three days. Meanwhile, the state government claimed to have rescued around 40,000 residents from floods and lodged them at 12 relief camps.

Bihar opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav said this is not flood but “man-made disaster”.

“Nitish Kumar ji must explain about each expenditure what has seen the light of reality, what has stayed only on paper, which of them have remained as figment of imagination of corrupt and influential and which drainage expenditure have flowed down the drain of Ganga, CM House or somewhere else?” asked Tejashwi.

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