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Rajdhani reaches Ranchi with lone passenger as she refuses to get down train


RANCHI—A train in India travelled with a single passenger in what is being described as the first such incident in the history of Indian railways.

Railway officials said more than 900 passengers of Ranchi-bound Rajdhani Express remained stuck in the train when it reached Daltonganj station in Jharkhand’s Palamu district on Thursday morning as tribal villagers had blocked railway tracks over certain issues.

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As the train remained stranded for long, the railway officials arranged buses to dispatch passengers to Ranchi and most of them happily agreed.

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However, one female passenger named Ananya travelling in B-3 coach stayed put in the train and refused to go by buses or taxis.

The official tried hard to convince her to board a bus or taxi but she remained adamant asking as to why would she book a train ticket if she wanted to travel by bus?

Eventually, the officials succumbed to her pressures and the train was carried to Ranchi through a diverted route. The train carrying lone passenger finally reached the station in the wee hours on Friday.

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