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Rahul: Note ban an ‘economic robbery’, makes great divide between rich and poor


Almora, Uttar Pradesh: Terming Narnedra Modi’s notes ban an “economic robbery,” Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said the NDA Government has divided India into two parts—the rich and the poor.

Addressing a rally, Gandhi started from where he had left at Mehsana, Gujarat, early this week, making a vitriolic attack on the BJP-led dispensation for being “anti-poor” and “pro-rich,” and trying to exhort the people that contrary to the claim of the Government the demonetisation is going to hit the common masses.

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He reiterated that the Congress too wants to obliterate corruption from India and will support any step against corruption.  “But notes ban is not against black money or corruption. It is an economic robbery.”

“PM Modi hasn’t listened to the farmers. But he has forgiven 1.40 lakh crore in loans to 15 rich people but not farmers,” Gandhi said trying to drive home that the people’s money are being used to bail out the super rich, who owe to the state Rs. eight lakh crore as unpaid loans.

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“You have divided India into two halves. On one side, India’s super rich – 50 families, on the other side the 99 per cent  of India, including the poor, the honest, hard-working people….Under NDA, 1 per cent of Indians have 60 per cent of the wealth,” he said while calling the Modi Government “suit boot ki sarkaar.”

As Modi claims that demonetisation move has been taken to curb corruption and unaccounted  money, Gandhi reiterated that 94 per cent of the black money are stashed in foreign banks or are in gold and land.

“Just 6 percent of black money is in cash…I don’t know why PM Modi has made this 6 percent black money his target, not the 94 per cent,” he said.

Rahul also mocked Modi for having promised to put Rs15 lakh in every account once black money is unearthed : “you gave Vijay Mallya 1,200 crore ki toffee, but you  could not give to Uttarakhand.”


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