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Prime Minister Modi salutes every Indian for accepting demonetisation decision


Kobe, Japan:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday saluted “each and every Indian” for accepting the inconvenience of demonetisation and assured that his Government will do everything to protect the interest of honest citizens.

“I salute each and every Indian. Many families had weddings, health problems….yes they faced inconvenience but they accepted the decision… I thank the 125 crore people for boldly accepting this decision,” Modi said while addressing the Indian community in the Japanese city of Kobe.

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Clarifying that the Government’s decision to scrap the Rs. 1000 and Rs.500 notes was to recover ill-gotten and unaccounted money, he said, “Money that has been looted has to be recovered. And the rules have to be same for everyone.”

“This Government will do everything to protect the interests of honest citizens,” the PM said.

Drawing an analogy between the people of the two countries, Modi said, “When Japan faced hardship in 2011, great people of Japan endured w/courage. Indians will also emulate them in facing any tough challenge.”

Dwelling on the achievements of his Government, the PM said India is getting “historically high FDI” and is moving quickly on the path of economic progress.

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“First develop India’, is my definition of FDI. However the other one is Foreign Direct Investment.”

He said despite two years of serious drought, the entire world has acknowledged that India is the fastest growing large economy globally.

“I am sure whatever happens in India makes you very proud. The good in India is happening due to 125 crore Indians,” he said.

Earlier in the day, while addressing a luncheon gathering of business leaders here, Modi recalled his association with Hyogo Prefecture and his visits to Kobe, a city on Osaka Bay in Japan, in 2007 and 2012.

The Prime Minister travelled to Kobe from Tokyo in Japan’s high-speed Shinkansen bullet train along with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe.

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