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Pranab rebuffs Opp, says disruption totally unacceptable in Parliamentary system


New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee today subtly admonished the opposition over frequent disruptions of Parliaments saying it is absolutely unacceptable.

“Parliament is the place for legislative business,” he said.

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“My teacher taught me that three D’s are essential in democracy. Those three D’s are debate, dissent and decision,” President Mukherjee said.

“…my teacher did not tell me about the fourth d, that is disruption,” he added.

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“Disruption is totally unacceptable in the Parliamentary system,” he continued adding, “There is need to avoid disruption of Parliamentary proceedings.

“People send the representatives to speak, not to sit in dharna, or not to create any trouble on the floor. For that streets are still available,” he said.

“…for demonstration you can choose any other place,” President Mukherjee said.

“For God’s sake, do your job. You are meant to transact business,” he added.


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