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Post dowry boycott call by Nitish, Bihar girl rejects greedy groom


PATNA: A soon-to-be-married girl in Bihar refused to marry a boy just when he demanded additional dowry ahead of the wedding.

The incident took place in Gopalganj district of Bihar in the weekend.

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According to a report in the Gulf News, the girl’s family members had gone to the groom’s house for the Tilak ceremony— a pre-wedding rituals in Hindu customs marking formal engagement of the couple—when the groom family sought additional money in hard cash.

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The bride family while expressing their inability to pay the extra cash tried hard to convince the groom but to no avail.

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Once the news reached the girl, she talked to her family members over phone and announced not to marry the “greedy” groom. Subsequently, the wedding was cancelled and the girl’s family returned home the same night.

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“I am proud of my daughter. She has showed the greedy people the way,” girl’s father Yogesh Singh was quoted as saying in the Gulf News.

The incident comes shortly after Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar exhorted the masses to boycott the weddings of those taking dowry.

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