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Poll strategist Kishor says ‘badly-executed’ lock-down will destroy life and livelihood of millions


PATNA—Poll strategist Prashant Kishor has questioned the Narendra Modi government’s move to enforce 21-day lock-down without seriously looking into the livelihood troubles of millions.

Questioning the long lock-down without any scientific evidence, Kishor who worked for parties like BJP and the JD-U said the badly-executed lock-down would destroy the life and livelihood of the millions.

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“Decision to lock-down maybe right but 21 days might a bit too long. But then this is the price one pays for being behind the curve. With the shaky preparedness to deal with the covid crisis and very little to safeguard the poor, we could be staring at some tough days ahead,” Kishor tweeted on Wednesday.

Questioning the rationale behind the long lock-down, he asked if there is any scientific evidence to suggest that mere 21 days lock-down without adequate testing, isolation and treatment measures could stop Covid spread.

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At the same time, he lashed at chief minister Nitish Kumar for doing little for hundreds of poor Bihari migrants stuck in the national capital due to lock-down.

“It’s strange to see the Bihar government taking no effort to help the stranded Biharis reach their homes when governments all over the world are helping their people in distress,” wondered Kishor, more popular as PK.

According to a latest report of the health department, a total of four corona positive cases have been reported so far while 1228 passengers who returned from Corona-affected countries have been enrolled under observation.

A maximum of 183 people under observation are from Gopalganj district.

The detailed list is as follow: Arar-2, Sita-7,Sar-57, Bhag-109, Sup-3, Madhu-63, Madhep-9, Bhoj-32, Gaya-66, Siw-107, Gop-183, Pat- 100, E Champ- 70, W Champ- 74, KNE-19, Muzz- 21, Roh- 10, Sam- 88, Vais- 6, Dar-28, Pur-: 1, Kat- 3, Naw-9, Begu- 7, Nal- 88, Bux- 4, Mung-18, Arw-1, Jehanabad-19, Kaim-12, Banka-2, Lak-1,Sheo-2 and Sah-5.

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