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Police hunt for man who was found staying with three wives on rotational basis


PATNA—Police are looking for a man who married women wherever he stayed working in various capacities, projecting himself as a bachelor. The man has gone underground as various women organizations have stepped up protests demanding his immediate arrest and justice to the victim women who fell in his love traps. The accused trapped three women in his love.

Reports said Sikandar Vishwakarma, a resident of Giridih district in Jharkhand, initially married Basanti Devi in his home district. He had three children from his first wife but as financial crisis gripped his family, he left for Delhi looking for job and it was then that the whole story took place. He never carried his first wife to Delhi as she stayed in the village, looking after her in-laws.

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According to reports, while working with a private company in the national capital, the youth came close to a local girl named Rajani Kumari and ultimately married her. After sometime, he visited Uttar Pradesh in course of work and he married another girl Anjali Dhaka but he stayed in Delhi.

Jharkhand bachelor with three wives
Giridih man with his third wife

What was interesting, he didn’t stay with his both wives together; rather he passed time with them on rotational basis at two different rented rooms that he had hired to keep his two wives. If he stayed with one wife during the day, he would pass night with another wife, citing his shift change.

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The entire story came to light after he accidentally left his cell phone with his second wife Rajani who found another woman inquiring about him over mobile. She instantly got suspicious and rushed to youth’s native village in Giridih to know about the reality.

Rajani was virtually stunned to find his first wife already staying at youth’s native village and taking care of her in-laws. “I got startled to find his first wife staying at his native village and lost my senses,” Rajani told the local media. She has filed a complaint with the Deli police, seeking action against the man who cheated her.

Jharkhand bachelor with three wives
Giridih man with his first wife

“He often told me about shift change but I never suspected. If he stayed during the day with me, he was away during the whole night and if he passed time in the day, he was missing during the night. That has been going for the past eight years,” Rajani added. The youth married Rajani in July 2014 while he entered into wedlock with Anjali in 2020.

Various women organizations have now come out in support of the victims and demanding justice to them. “This is a complete case of fraud and cheating with innocent women. The accused must be brought to book,” a woman organization official Kavita Murmu told the local media on Thursday.

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