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PM Modi’s credibility stands exposed over thin victory margin in Gujarat: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi:  As the Congress found its best electoral showing in Gujarat since 1985, party President Rahul Gandhi  on Tuesday claimed   a “moral victory” despite a defeat, saying the party  has given a massive jolt to the BJP, reports said.

Speaking for the first time after the loss, Gandhi said this was a good performance by the party and the BJP’s margin for victory which was the lowest in over three decades showed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s credibility is being questioned on his own home turf.

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“BJP’s propaganda has failed. Modi is very good in marketing but Gujaratis don’t trust his ‘vikas’ model. The PM talks of vikas but can’t answer questions and has been exposed,” he told reporters outside the Parliament.

He also invoked Mahatma Gandhi’s name and said Gujaratis had taught both Modi and him a lesson – that anger, abuse and lies will always be defeated by love.

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“In three months Gujaratis gave me a lot of love. They taught me to respond to lies, threats, abuse, money and muscle power with love and brotherhood. Gujaratis have taught Modi that his anger will be defeated with love. This was also the message of Gandhiji,” he said.

On Monday, Rahul accepted defeat in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, but said his party fought the elections with “dignity.”

He thanked the Congress workers for a “dignified” fight in Gujarat elections in a tweet. “My Congress brothers and sisters, you have made me very proud. You are different than those you fought because you fought anger with dignity. You have demonstrated to everyone that the Congress’s greatest strength is its decency and courage,” Rahul wrote.

He congratulated the new governments in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and said that his party accepts the verdict of the people. “I thank the people of Gujarat and Himachal with all my heart for the love they showed me,” he added.


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