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Photograph war: People disappointed as Bihar politics touches all-time low


PATNA: Politics has touched a new low in Bihar.

It was quite much on display on Friday when the ruling JD-U which is led by chief minister Nitish Kumar released a photograph showing former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav in the company of a girl.

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What followed thereafter was even more shocking with Lalu Prasad’s son asking the chief minister to reveal the identity of two mysterious women after whom two trains were introduced while he served as union railway minister.

The “photograph war” kicked off after Tejashwi released a photograph to the media which showed the chief minister sharing company with a liquor mafia Rakesh Singh.

Singh who was serving as JD-U’s Udwantnagar block president was accused hooch deaths case in Bhojpur district in which 29 villagers were killed in 2012.

Citing this image, Tejashwi at a press conference held on Tuesday had questioned the “anti-liquor campaign” of Nitish Kumar and asked him to explain as to how a liquor mafia managed to enter into his drawing room and take selfies with him.

In reply, the JD-U later came out with an old photograph of Tejashwi which showed him in tight embrace of a girl. The photograph was released at a joint Press conference held in the JD-U office on Friday.

The JD-U questioned the public conduct of Tejashwi on the basis of this photograph which apparently dates back to 2010 while he was playing IPL matches.

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“You all can see the so called Bihar youth icon’s photograph in which he is having a good time. We wonder about this ‘rang’ (colour) of Tejashwi Yadav. Is this the sanskar (values) he has imbibed from his father (RJD supremo) Lalu Prasad?” the JD-U spokesmen was quoted as saying in the local media.

However, the move failed to silence Tejashwi whio launched even more stinging attacks on the chief minister.

He confessed the photograph indeed was his although he doesn’t know the girl with him and asked what’s so objectionable with this photo.

“It was clicked during my cricketing days…Perhaps at a party thrown during an IPL match. I wonder what is so objectionable about the photograph and what is the JD-U trying to prove by resorting to such dirty tricks?” he asked adding many girls love to be photographed with cricketers.

Tejashwi then launched more vituperative attacks on the chief minister and asked him to explain as to why he introduced two trains—Archna Express and Upsana Express—while he served as the Union railway minister.

He also said he was well aware of the fact that how many places the chief minister visits during his stay in Delhi after changing his cars. “But I don’t want to reveal it since I believe in constructive politics,” he remarked.

He also wondered over the move of the JD-U showing him in the company of a girl. “Is taking selfies with girls a crime? Even Gandhiji and Nehjuji have photographs with women. Then was their character bad?” asked Tejashwi.

“Even Nitish Kumar himself claims to have enforced the liquor ban on the appeal of women. Prime Minister Modi too talks about empowering women. But why it is so I am being shown in poor light just because I am seen in the company of a girl?” he wondered.

He said he was expecting answers from the chief minister over the liquor mafia’s entry into his residence bur the JD-U instead got into “dirty” campaign. “Apparently, the chief minister has no answer for my question”, he said.

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