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Petrol, diesel sales drop by 22 percent in Bihar post implementation of new motor vehicle act


PATNA: Extensive checking of vehicles followed by heavy penalty on violators after enforcement of the new Motor Vehicle Act has registered a sharp fall in sale of petroleum products in Bihar.

Officials said the sale of petrol and diesel registered a fall of around 22 percent in the state after the new Motor Vehicle Act was implemented this month.

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This happened because the terrified persons have stopped driving their bikes and cars out of fear of being imposed heavy penalty, and rather using public transport to have hassle-free travel.

Officials running the Petrol pumps said the sale of petrol fell by 20.80 percent while diesel’s sale fell by 22.60 percent in between September 1 to September 8 this year as compared to last year during the same period.

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They said all the three oil companies, such as Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) suffered heavy losses this year in matter of sale of petroleum products. Of them, BPCL has suffered more losses as compared to other oil companies.

“Our sale has suffered heavy losses post implantation of new Motor Vehicle Act,” Ashok Kumar who runs a petrol pump at Dak Bunglaow Crossing in Patna, told the media on Thursday .

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“Previously, we were selling 12,000 litres of petrol and 10,000 litres of diesel every day but after the implementation of new rules, it has come down to 10,000 litres and 8,000 litres respectively,” Kumar added.

IOC’s chief manager (planning and coordination), Bihar-Jharkhand, Veena Kumari too said the sale of petroleum products had been adversely affected.

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Patna Petroleum Dealers Association president Bijendra Kumar Sinha, however, cites other factors such as drought apart from new motors vehicle act behind fall in sale.

Cops checking the vehicles on the streets are imposing heavy penalty of vehicle owner even for minor faults since the new rules came into force.

This has caused panic among the vehicle owners and resulted in fisticuffs on the streets with the police. Quite many owners have stopped driving vehicles on the road out of fear of getting fined.

A couple of days back, cops imposed a fine of Rs 42,000 on a boy for driving his scooty without licence, vehicles papers and carrying triple load.

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