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‘People from our own state are defaming Bihar,’ rues chief minister Nitish Kumar


PATNA: Bihar chief minister today blamed a section of local leaders for “tarnishing” the image of the state.

“While everyone is now praising Bihar for the successful hosting of Prakash Parv, some people have been making an issue of why Laluji was not given a place on the dais. The fact is that the seating arrangement was made by the Gurudrawa Management Committee,” claried Kumar, interacting with the media persons on Monday.

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He alleged “a section of people from his own state are defaming Bihar” and advised them to make changes in their conduct.

He also wondered as to why these people were constantly raising the issue when the RJD chief had clarified he had no problem with that.

Kumar’s comments were subtly directed at RJD vice-president Raghuvasnh Praasd Singh and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi. Both had questioned the intention of the chief minister for not allotting the RJD chief a place at the dais alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Yesterday, RJD chief Prasad himself had come forward to bring the curtain on the raging controversy over him denying seat at the dais alongside Prime Minister at a function organized at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan.

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Prasad was captured in camera seating on the ground along with his minister sons during the concluding day function of Prakash Parv attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday.

“There shouldn’t be any controversy over his seating arrangements. Worship is offered only by sitting on the ground,” the RJD chief explained.

Prasad’s explanation comes a day after the BJP rebutted allegations that the PMO was behind the denial of a seat to the RJD chiefat the podium of the Prakash Parva and put the blame squarely on chief minister Nitish Kumar.

“Chief Minister should specify whether he had sent names of Lalu Prasad and his minister sons for seat on the dais at the function…when the names were not sent, where comes the question of PMO deleting their names?” senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi was quoted as telling news agency PTI.

Earlier, Prasad’s children had come to the defence of their father denying seat on the das.

“Lalu Prasad is a grass-root leader and so, it’s not a surprise it he sits on the ground,” Prasad’s deputy chief minister son Tejashwi Prasad Yadav had said on Saturday.

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