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Panicky Bihar villagers want kin to return from Kashmir soon


PATNA—With the terrorists constantly targeting the Bihari migrants in Kashmir, a strong panic has gripped the local residents who are now asking their working members to return home soon. A total of four Bihari migrants have been killed by the terrorists in the past 13 days in Kashmir adding to the worries of their family members.

The migrants had left for their northern state to earn livelihood after battling survival crisis at home but now their families say it’s better to go with empty belly or survive with half bread than allowing their children to be killed by the terrorists.

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Villages after villages have turned deserted in Bihar in recent years with mad scramble among the younger generation to go out for livelihood leaving their agricultural fields in the hands of their elders or giving it to share croppers.

“There is not a single home at this village whose family has not gone out for earn livelihood. Majority of them is employed as construction labourers or run food stalls to earn money,” said Umesh Rishideo, a resident of Raniganj in Araria district. Two of three residents killed by the terrorists belonged to this district.

According to villagers, everything was going smooth until recently but now the situation looks going tough. “The frequent targeting of Bihari residents in Kashmir has robbed off our sleep. We are very much concerned over safety of our family members. We want them to return home soon,” said another resident Gautam Kumar.

The residents have turned panic-struck after two of their colleagues Raja Rishideo and Yogendra Rishideo were gunned down by the rampaging terrorists.

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Two other migrants from Bihar, Birendra Paswan from Bhagalpur and Arvind Kumar from Banka were killed earlier. Both were street vendors who used eked out their livelihood by selling foods on the streets.

According to Arvind’s family members, he had been working in Kashmir for the past 10 years and survived even the worst situation but when the situation appeared turning normal, he lost his life.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar expressed shock over the incident and sought for keeping a watch on trouble makers. “Something wrong is happening there and only those who have gone to work are being deliberately targeted,” the chief minister has said.

Exhorting the villagers not to go out for work under compulsions, the chief minister said during the Covid period last year, the state government had tried to provide employment to the migrants in the state itself.

Amid the killing of innocent villages by the terrorists, union minister Giriraj Singh has questioned holding the T20 World cup match scheduled between India and Pakistan.

He said the match should be “reconsidered” since the relations between the two countries are not good. A BJP minister in the Bihar government Niraj Kumar Babloo too raised the same issue saying India should not hold any relations with Pakistan, not even at the sports level.

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