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Our Geeta may be from Bihar; State Govt begins efforts to locate her parents


PATNA: With Geeta, the speech-impaired girl, yet to find her parents even four months after landing in India, the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar has launched intensive efforts to search for her kin who possibly could be from this state. The girl who remained stuck in Pakistan for 14 years reached her homeland in October this year.

The state government inserted big advertisements in the all the local newspapers after being requested by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to look for her parents. The union minister made this request in view of indications from the speech-impaired girl which dropped ample hints that her parents could be from Bihar.

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An advertisement given in local newspapers by the Bihar government to seek information about Geeta
[/media-credit] An advertisement given in local newspapers by the Bihar government to seek information about Geeta

“Through this notification, the general masses are informed to provide us concrete information with regard to Geeta by submitting documents like certificate, photographs of her childhood etc,” said an advertisement published by the state government. The masses have been requested to submit any such information by contacting the deputy secretary, Home (Special), on his office phones, mobile and email or personally meeting him on the working days so that these documents could be sent to the Government of India.

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The communique also mentions at least 10 identification marks of Geeta, such as, she has seven brothers and sisters and none of them have hearing problems except her, she crossed into the Pakistan some 10 years back and she has big moles near her left eye and eyebrows. As per indications given by her, there is a hospital near her home, are rice and sugarcane fields around her home, a railway line crosses outside her village and there are plenty of fishes in ponds near her home. According to the government information, she called the villages, fields, huts and women as her own on being shown their photographs.

Earlier, a Mahato family from Bihar had claimed Geeta as their daughter but the DNA test didn’t confirm their claim. But now, the government has launched fresh efforts to search for her parents based on the indications provided by the deaf-mute girl.

Geeta with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj
[/media-credit] Geeta with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj

During the just-held assembly elections in Bihar, the Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) of Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav unsuccessfully tried to cash in on the issue of Geeta by claiming it was his attempts which ultimately led to the happy home-coming of Geeta. The JAP also gave a full-page advertisement in a local vernacular daily to claim it was he who had first initiated the effort to bring Geeta back to her home country.

In the advertisement titled “Rang laya hamara prayas, bichhoh ki zindagi se lauti Mithila ki beti Geeta…apane desh (Our efforts bore fruits as the daughter of Mithila finally returned to her own country, ending days of separation) with the photograph of an ecstatic Geeta, Yadav also mentioned the facsimile of his official missive he purportedly wrote to the Prime Minister requesting to bring her back from Pakistan, in a bid to prove his point.


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