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One rupee coin saves life of man after gangsters fire shots to rob cash


PATNA—A One rupee coin saved the life of a man in eastern Indian state of Jharkhand after the bullet fired by the gangster to rob the cash hit the coin and lost its direction and strength.

Police said Suraj Bhagat, a delivery boy with a prominent e-commerce company posted in Gumla district, was returning to office on his bike on Sunday evening after delivering goods to the customers when three motorcycle-borne gangsters waylaid him at a deserted location.

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The robbers tried to snatch huge cash he was carrying with him but the man resisted. In a fit of rage, one of the criminals fired shots at the delivery boy from a close range but as luck had it, the bullet hit the coin kept in his jacket’s pocket and missed the target. Although it hit the body yet it lost steam and hence didn’t prove lethal.

“It’s nothing but a miraculous escape. Had the bullet not hit the coin, it could have been life-threatening to the man,” Dr Ajit Kumar told the media. According to the doctor who is posted at Ranchi-based government, vital organs like femoral artery and veins are located near the part of body where the bullet hit.

“Had the bullet hit any of these body parts, this would have resulted in excessive bleeding leading to a very critical situation,” the doctor said adding the coin in his pocket proved lucky for the victim.

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