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New features on Google Maps app to make travelling easier


Kolkata: Google unveiled the latest features included in its Google Maps app at a promotional event in Kolkata recently.

The session highlighted a range of tips to help people get around easily including Multi-stop directions, Offline Maps, Search along route , Real-time traffic (including traffic alerts), Timeline and Local Guides among others.

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One of the new features is ‘multi-stop’ directions. If you are travelling from point A to point B but has to stop at two more points not on the direct route, then the app’s ‘add stop’ feature can help with directions.

If you have signed up with popular app cab services like Uber or Ola, you can get an idea of the fare that will be charged by clicking on the ‘cab’ option on the Google Maps app after keying in your destination.

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If you download and save the map of your destination on your phone when there is net connectivity, the Google Maps app allows you to refer to the saved map (along with all relevant details) offline too.

If you are in a hurry or want to know the latest traffic situation, click on the ‘traffic’ option from the settings menu of the Maps app and you will get to know it real-time. Kolkata is one of the 34 cities where this facility is available.

If you click on the ‘public transport’ icon on the Google Maps app after keying in your destination, you will get a fair idea of the bus, Metro rail or other train routes that you can avail.

“Google Maps is not just about navigating from point A to B, it’s about providing a rich seamless experience as you travel around with friends or family, be it on a holiday or a business trip or your daily commute. Features like multi-shop directions, offline, search along route can help you plan your travel, explore more destinations and find the shortest routes both distance-wise and time-wise,” said Sanket Gupta, Program Manager, Google Maps.


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