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#NaBhooleHainNaBhoolaneDenge: RJD revives unfathomable tortures of migrant workers returning homes on foot


PATNA—The main Opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) in Bihar has come out with a perfect reply to the BJP’s “Na bhoole hain, na bhoolane denge (we have neither forgotten nor will we let anyone forget)” campaign centering around justice to a Bihar-born actor who allegedly committed suicide in June.

In reply to this BJP’s campaign ahead of Bihar assembly polls, the RJD has kicked off similar campaign seeking justice for hundreds of migrant workers who lost their lives while returning homes on foot during the lockdown period in the peak summer.

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“It’s you who called Bihari labourers as ‘thieves, goondas and criminals’. Na bhoola hai, na bhoolane denge,” tweeted Tej Pratap Yadav, party legislator and elder son of RJD president Lalu Prasad.

Tej has also tweeted a collage of heart-moving photographs showing the plight of the returning migrants.

Unfathomable tortures of migrant workers returning homes on foot after corona-induced lockdown
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One picture shows the skin of an elderly woman’s feet getting peeled off owing to constant walks on foot while another shows a woman wailing inconsolably carrying her dead child in arms.

Yet another photograph shows a man trying hard to ride a truck holding his little child like an object.

Most of the photographs are known to everyone since they already have gone viral in the social media, like the one showing a mother pulling a trolley bag with son resting over it and a crying man talking to someone over mobile phone.

However, there is a basic difference between the two campaigns. While the BJP’s campaign focuses around a particular person, the RJD has raised the issue of the common men who faced unfathomable tortures because of sudden lockdown as a result of Covid-19 outbreak.

Bihar elections are turning very interesting indeed. The elections are scheduled to be held in October/November and the both sides—the ruling NDA and the opposition Grand Alliance—look to be trying hard to win the support of the voters.

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