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My first comic role shocked me: says actor-comedian Sunil Grover


Actor-comedian Sunil Grover, who is all set to hit the big screen with director Vishal Mishra’s ‘Coffee with D’, portraying a journalist fashioned after Arnab Goswami believes that Bollywood enables him to play many vivid characters and create wonderful moments for his audience. IBNS correspondent Jaideep Pandey in a tete-e-tete with the on-screen Gutthi


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How was your experience working with Vishal Mishra?

Vishal met me through our common producer friend Shabina Khan as I had worked for her in Gabbar. He has an amazing foresight and did some hardcore ground work for the film. I followed him blindly and entrusted myself to him.

Tell us about your character in”Coffee with D”.

I play the role of a journalist who meets D and  takes a revenge on him through the interview that he takes.

So, how hard was it to play an on-screen Journalist.

It wasn’t hard at all as I have been watching TV news all my life. Subconsciously I have been observing the working style of TV journalists which helped me a lot during this film.

What drew you towards ‘Coffee with D’ ?

The script and the team as well. It’s an amazingly well written script with powerful supporting actors.

How would you rate Kapil Sharma as a comedian and actor.

He is a dear friend and we have worked on several projects. What do I say about him. The audience has given a green signal long ago.

What are the most challenging aspects of being an actor.

You have to keep evolving yourself due to the short attention window that the audience has. But that challenge is also fun at times.

What are the most challenging aspects of being an actor, specially comedy?

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When I was offered comic roles at first, I was shocked as I have been doing tragedy till now. But the love and affection of the audience pushed me towards this genre.

Which beat would you like to work if asked to be a Journo?

I would like to explore all beats and not stick to any one.

Has fame affected you as a person?

Not at all…As I understand that fame is short-lived and change is the only constant.

From TV to Bollywood. How hard the transition has been?

I have been working in Bollywood for many years now. Of course it has been character roles but I didn’t feel any transition as such.

What kind of films are you looking forward to do in the coming time?

Films which help me grow like Coffee with D. It has challenged me and also help me evolve as an actor.

How was it working with Dipannita Sharma?

I think there is no doubt that she’s a fine actress and we helped each other a lot on the sets during the shoot.

Will you agree that ‘Gabbar is Back’  was a turning point in your career?

May be yes because it was this film that made Vishal Mishra, director of Coffee with D,  notice of me.

The Best Thing about B-Town.

That I get to play so many vivid characters and gives me a chance to create wonderful moments.

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