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Muslim villagers in Bihar postpone Muharram after three Hindu youths die


PATNA: Humanity, it is said, is the best religion. Muslim villagers from Bihar have proved it again!

Setting a brilliant example of community harmony, Muslim villagers from Singhara village under Dulhin Bazar block in Patna district didn’t observe Muharram this year shocked at the death of three Hindu villagers.

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The Hindu villagers, all members of a single family, had died of asphyxia earlier this week while they had gone inside a village well to clean it.

They all fell unconscious due to presence of poisonous gas inside and died, sending shock waves in the areas.

As the news of the death came to Muslim villagers, they postponed the programme this year.

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The result was that the village Immabaras remained silent this year. Neither there was any beating of drums nor display of bamboo sticks.

“We decided not to observe the festival this year owing death of our Hindu brethren,” said Mohammad Naim Qureshi, head of Singhara village council.

The village is home to some 500 families out of whom 200 are Muslim families.

Old timers say this was the second time in 41 years that Muslim villagers had to postpone their festival.

Earlier in 1968, they had not celebrated Eid following death of four members in a Hindu family. The deaths had taken reported from the house of Prem Lal Yadav, a local villager Kameshwar Yadav told the media.

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