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Mosquitoes bite him in ‘sasural’, angry Bihar soldier kills three in running car!


PATNA: A soldier in Bihar killed three members of his family as he was angry that he had been bitten by mosquitoes in his ‘sasural’ (in-law’s home). The mosquito bites ultimately left him suffering from dengue fever.

The soldier Vishnu Sharma had shot dead his wife and sister-in-law before shooting himself on Sunday while he was being to Patna for treatment of dengue. He hailed from Bhojpur district and was posted at Bhuj in Rajasthan.

During investigation, it was revealed that the soldier had gone into depression after suffering from dengue. He had developed the apprehension that someone was trying to kill him.

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“While travelling to Patna, he fell out with his wife saying he suffered from dengue only because he had visited his ‘sasural’ as he was bitten by mosquitoes there. This was objected to by his wife after which he went on the rampage,” a soldier’s kin told the media today.

Reports said the soldier had gone to attend the wedding of his sister-in-law but fell victim to dengue. Subsequently, he went into depression and, it was for proper treatment that he was being taken to All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in Patna.

However, just before reaching Patna, he killed his relatives before killing himself too. One of the victims included his sister-in-law whose wedding had been solemnized barely a week back.

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