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Mob lynching: Police launch awareness campaigns to prevent mob attacks in Patna



PATNA: Police in Bihar have launched campaign to prevent recurring incidents of mob attacks on the suspicion of child lifting.

Around a dozen such incidents have been reported from Patna district alone in the past few days, local media reported on Monday.

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The police department has also issued mobile numbers of senior officials to promptly contact them during the time of emergency.

Teams of policemen are touring the rural areas and appealing to the villagers not to give ears to rumours, using loudspeakers. On Sunday, cops moved from Bihta to Dhanarua in Patna to tell the masses not to act on rumours.

Alarmed at the situation, zonal inspector general of police Sunil Kumar has directed the police chiefs of 11 districts to hold meetings with panchayat members and councilors and launch intensive awareness campaign.

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He also announced to act against all those involved in spreading rumors and asked the cops to keep a watch on dubious posts on the social media.

Bihar’s director general of police Gupteshwar Pandey too has appealed to the people not to give ears to rumours and refrain from taking law into their hands.

“In case of any doubt, please inform the police which will act promptly,” Pandey said.

Patna’s senior superintendent of police Garim Malik said the police have taken the incidents of mob attacks quite seriously and are acting against those spreading the rumours.

Around a dozen incidents of mob attacks have been reported from various parts of Patna in the past week leading to killing of some villagers.

All the incidents were triggered by the rumours that the accused persons were allegedly trying to lift children.

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