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Miracle story: Indian boy declared dead 20 days ago comes alive after mother’s intense prayers!


Call it a miracle or the powers of a mother’s intense prayers, a six-year-old boy declared dead by the doctors has come back to life in India.

People are now making a beeline to see the miracle boy at his Bahadurgarh residence in Haryana, a northern Indian state.

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Kunal, son of Hitesh Kumar and Jahnavi Kumari, was rushed to a hospital in Delhi for treatment after he suffered from typhoid. On May 26, he was declared dead by the doctors after which the parents took his body home for cremation.

It was here that the miracle took place. Seeing her son body wrapped in coffin, the wailing mother reached near him and began gently waking him up, passionately kissing her face.

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“Wake up my son, wake up my son,” she continued saying, repeatedly shaking her child with love. The mourning family members were hugely surprised when they noticed some movements in his lifeless body and cried, said media reports.

Instantly, his father started pumping his heart and also breathing through his mouth as he showed signs of revival. The boy was hurriedly admitted to a private hospital in Rohtak town where the doctors said he had only 15 percent chances of survival.

Post treatment, however, the boy showed remarkable recovery and now he has even returned his home after his complete recovery. The boy returned home alive on June 15—well 20 days after being declared dead.

The entire family as well as the village is now celebrating the “resurrection” of the child.

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