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Man walks to police station with wife’s severed head in UP’s Agra


PATNA: A man in India killed his wife following a tiff over drinking and then rushed to the police station with the severed head, confessing to his crime.

The blood-curdling incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, famous for world-famed Taj Mahal.

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Police said the accused who works as a TV mechanic turned angry after his wife stopped him from drinking on Sunday night.

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In a fit of rage, the man picked up a chopper in his hand and chopped off his wife’s head.

The very next morning, the man packed his wife’s severed head in a canister and waked up to the police station to hand over her head and confess his guilt.

The police have arrested the man and sent him to jail. The man was married 17 years ago and the couple had three daughters and a son, police said.

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