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Man spends three days on tree to save from deadly Bihar floods


PATNA: A man in Bihar spent around 72 hours sitting atop a tree to save him from the deadly floods after the surging Ganga brought massive destruction in the region.

The matter pertains to Barh village in Patna district—one of the districts facing flood fury of Ganges which is flowing in spate these days.

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Reports said 65-year-old Bhuneshwar Paswan fled his home along with other family members when the floodwaters began gushing his home on late Saturday night.

Hardly had he travelled a little distance from his home when the water level started rising fast and soon it touched his shoulder.

In the swift currents of flood waters, his dhoti, the only clothe he was wearing at that time, too got washed away, leaving him completely naked.

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Left with no option, he climbed on a tree and remained seated there, tightly clutching the tree branch and praying to God.

The very next morning he came down to the tree but didn’t dare to move out, feeling swift current in the flowing water still. He again climbed on the tree and drank the floodwater to survive.

“I somehow survived for the first day drinking floodwater but it didn’t taste well and soon I developed vomiting tendency,” he told the media today.

According to him, he began feeling weak for not getting food and water for three days but kept on seriously looking for someone who could help him in distress.

Eventually on Tuesday, a National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team happened to pass the area and he cried for help with all the strength left in his body.

The NDRF team was shocked to see him in naked condition and hurriedly gave him clothes to cover his body before rescuing him and putting up at a relief camp.

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