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Mad scramble to search for gold in Bihar village after woman finds coins


PATNA—Authorities in Bihar have deployed police forces to guard a piece of farmland  in view of mad scramble among the local villagers to dig out that particular space following recovery of several gold coins during the course of agricultural works.

The news has been communicated to the archaeological department since the recovered gold coins belong to ancient times and officials believe several precious antiquities might be lying beneath the land.

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According to reports, a woman identified as Bihasi Devi was busy digging out the land located at Giridhar-Baraon village in Buxur district for farming works on Sunday when she noticed a shining yellow metal and picked it up.

She was not sure if it was gold but kept on digging the land with the help of a gardening trowel and she again found two more coins. One of the recovered coins was later sold for Rs28,000 in the local market.

Unable to hide her curiosity, she reported the matter to the co-villagers and also informed how she fetched handsome money after its sale. Within no time, the local villagers armed with hoes, digging sticks, spades, trowels and other digging tools rushed to the spot in large numbers and began digging the land in a bid to find gold. Saroj Pal was another lucky villager who was able to lay his hand on a gold coin.

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In the meanwhile, someone informed the police officials who rushed to the spot and instantly completed fencing of the entire areas apart from deploying a police force to ensure the situation may not go out of control due to mad scramble among the villagers to dig out the land.

“We have recovered three gold coins from the local villagers and the matter has been communicated to the archaeological department,” local sub-divisional official Kumar Pankaj told the media on Wednesday.

According to him, the archeological department has been requested to make inspection of the spot and excavate the land. Reports said two more coins were reportedly found by the villagers but the officials are still to recover them.

According to officials, all the gold coins have inscriptions of some persons but it is not clear who the persons are. According to historians, the area was earlier ruled by rulers from Kharwar dynasty and may be the recovered coins belonged to that period. But mystery can be solved only after the archaeological department goes for excavation and brings out the truth.

The police in the meanwhile have been keeping a guard on the land plot for the past for days to prevent the curious villagers dig out the land. Witnesses said crowds of the local villagers are rushing to spot every day to see the land spewing gold.

Courtesy: Gulf News

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